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October 2017: 

I have been offering NRT (Neural Reset Therapy) for four years now, and continue to learn all that it can do, like the newest application for resetting organs!  Yes, scientific research has shown that organs and many disorders such as pulmonary, intestinal, hepatic, and female related issues can improve and regain their function, by using NRT specific protocol.  The benefits to your health are truly amazing! 

I hold a Master Certification in Neural Reset Therapy - a truly remarkable technique that alleviates chronic pain in seconds!  This proven, scientific technique uses simple movements to reset your muscles back to normal tonus.  Check out all that NRT can do for you by visiting www.NeuralReset.NET 

There are many additional benefits to using NRT:  1) it can be done without changing out of your clothes.  Making treatment sessions doable when your time is limited; and 2) regardless of your type of joint injury, such as arthritis, back or disc issues, or tendonitis and even carpal tunnel pain, this technique works!  I have personally helped 100's of people regain movement and eliminate their pain.  This is for all ages, come see for yourself - call me today, it's an extremely gentle and long lasting technique, which will have you feeling like new in no time!

Want a speaker, coach, or teacher for a seminar?  Do you have questions about natural health and wellness?  I am passionate about teaching and speaking about natural health and wellness topics.  Please call me to discuss how I may serve you.

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